Does the belief of God demand a response?

Everyday our senses take in thousands, maybe millions and billions of pieces of information. We have to sort out which is meaningful, which require responses and which are worthless. In my personal studies, I have been reading and re-reading the book of James. James 2:19 really stood out to me. Here is James 2:19;

You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that – and shudder.

That is powerful. The “and shudder” really got my attention. There is a couple things you have to believe for it to be that powerful. First you have to believe that there is one God. If you don’t believe that they the second point really doesn’t matter. Second you have to believe in demons or the powerfulness of this doesn’t matter.

I don’t know how true this statement is today, but I had always heard statistics that said that most Americans claimed to believe in God. What is eye opening about that verse is that demons (satan followers / fallen angles), even though they hate God still believe in Him. Even more, they shudder (or quiver) at the belief in His name. For demons the belief in God’s name triggers or demands a response. There is a realness that is associated with shudder or quiver. They understand who God truly is.

Do we? Are we passive at the sound of His name? Demons aren’t, why are we then? The sound of God’s name should move us to a response. More over the belief in God should move us to a response.

Prayer Letter

One of the things I remember as a kid was my parents receiving prayer letters. I remember my family even wrote one with the yearly Christmas card they sent out. I don’t know if I don’t receive them anymore or if it something that just doesn’t happen anymore. But I always liked them. It was a way of letting people know what was going on and how they could pray for you and your family. I know a lot has changed with Facebook and social media but I still miss those prayer letters. So I decided to do a gofundme page but I decided to put my own little twist on it. Yes I need support, but that is not my main goal. I decided to take that and combine it with an old fashion prayer letter. I know God will provide for my needs but I also know, He uses and blesses others to bless you. I also believe that it is good for people to know how and what to prayer for you. I have already added two updates and will continue to update as He works through me.  You can visit my page at here.

Thank You!


I came across this blog post from Micaela at Caffeinated Curiosity.  I asked her permission to share it and she agreed. I love the concept of this event. I love the interaction and how it engages people with questions and opportunity for involvement. I love that it is concise but vulnerable. This is an awesome idea.

The reason why I am sharing it with you, is because this is a great resource. I would love to see churches do a spin-off of this. Any kind of ministry could take this idea and make it unique to them. You can have different tents with people giving their testimony, or on Good Friday, you could have seven tents each one being one of the last seven words of Christ. You could have tents with beatitudes or the fruit of the spirit, etc… Involvements tents could be prayer tents, commitment tents, nailing your sin to the cross tent, etc… Think of all the ways you can take this idea and make it your own. If you do, please share it with us. I would love to see how this idea grows.

Once again, thank you Micaela. Please take time and read this post and visit her site.

Trophy – an event I had the pleasure to stumble upon this past Saturday afternoon offered the community a chance to hear about life-changing moments that altered others’ lives. The white tents each had someone in them, with a short, true story that happened to them. All of these tales centred around the themes of […]

via Storytelling — caffeinated curiosity

Is He Lord?

In preparing for an upcoming series of posts on Ephesians 1:1-2, I turned to Strong’s Concordance and looked at the original text. I came across a common word used in the Bible -Kurios.

Kurios is a Greek word meaning supremacy; supreme in authority that is, as noun, controller, by implication “Mr.” as a respectful title, e.g. God, Lord, master, Sir.

The King James Version total usage: Lord (667x), lord (54x), master (11x), sir (6x), misc (4x).

As I thought about this, I realized that I proclaim God to be the Lord of my life, but is he really Lord of my life? I feel that we, the church, have become so focused on having that personal relationship with God, which we do have, that we forget that he is Our Lord.

Does God not want us to be His friend? Yes, He wants to be your friend and so much more. He knows every detail about you and He wants you to know every detail about Him. Friendship is not evil. It is what we do with friendship that is evil.

I believe that our human nature, our natural sinful self, that looks for every opportunity to use everything or everyone for our self-satisfaction. Our selfish need to satisfy one needs, doesn’t stop at friendships. Maybe some of us do it less than others, but we have all done it at one point in our life. It is awesome if you have fought against that human nature and became a better person and treat your friends the way they should. I’m not saying that everyone does that their entire life, it is just when we are born our natural tendencies are to satisfy oneself at all cost.

It is that human nature, the fact that we believe the world revolves around us and lastly that we are God (what I mean is that we control everything), is why we ultimately abuse the friendship phase of our relationship with God and forget that He is our Lord. We expect Him to make exceptions for us that we expect Him to hold others accountable for. We say God is love, and loves us so much that we can be disobedient and He won’t hold it against us.

The fact is He is holy. If I was to take a white shirt and place a black dot on it. Is it still a white shirt? No, it is a white shirt with a black dot on it. It could be a large black dot or the smallest black dot. But what it is not is a purely white shirt. Holiness cannot mix with something unholy and remain holy. God’s Lordship must remain ultimately first, because if not then He cannot be God. If we are truly God’s friend than we need to respect His Lordship, even when we don’t like it.

What I am trying to get you to see is that we have taken the freedoms that God has given us in the New Testament and made God more of a best friend than Lord. This is one of the reasons why churches need to continue to preach the Old Testament and New Testament. Even though we have these freedoms, we still have a God who is Our Master, Lord, and Ruler.

He has never changed. We have become comfortable with God. We focus on that part of the relationship and the church as a whole has preached only half the gospel. Will you see the whole truth and make God, Lord over you?

My Life Saying

A Godly perspective leads to Godly living.

I grew up in a Christian home. My parents became Christians when I was an infant. We went to church and I attended Sunday school on a weekly basis. I became fascinated with David being called, “a man after God’s own heart”. I wanted to be that. Better yet, I wanted God to say that about me.

So, how did I get there? I became driven to find what it takes to live that kind of life. I looked for a formula that could lead me to the realization of that goal. Well, after much searching I came away with no sure-fire equation. There were no Cliffs Notes on how to be a man after God’s own heart. There is only the Bible. I tried to see if I could figure it out, but there seemed to be no step by step plan.

The one thing I began to notice is that all the great men of the Bible had one thing in common–they had great faith. They saw things through the eyes of God and not man, not physically but spiritually.

When you make God your focus you become more like him. It is not a new concept. If you spend time in the gym, working out hard, your body will begin to reflect that. If you practice a sport or instrument, you will become better with dedication and commitment.

So why do we make becoming Godly so complicated? When we focus (vertically) on God, our life (horizontally) is lived with purpose and it is a replica of the way Jesus lived.


If a Godly perspective leads to Godly living, then what is leading your life? Your life is a reflection of where you spend your time, or what you give importance. We all want to blame life for where we are, but maybe we are to blame. I may fail, but my life goal is to live by this–a Godly perspective leads to Godly living.

More Than Words

September 22, 2016 is a night I will never forget. I had gone to bed and fallen asleep. I woke up because it felt as though someone had brushed by my shoulder. Always trying to be sensitive to the calling of God, once I saw that no one was there, I was sure it was Him and He was waking me up for a purpose.

I immediately asked him if He wanted me to go somewhere and, without pause, I went to the front door and opened it up. I felt nothing except a huge burden on my heart. So, I figured if He didn’t want me to go anywhere, then maybe he wanted me praying. I started praying.

As I prayed the burden only grew. I prayed for everyone I knew and everyone that came into my mind. The burden didn’t subside but only grew stronger. Tears began to flow from me because I felt helpless in prayer. I felt I needed to pray, but didn’t know what He wanted me praying for. I even got to the point where I asked God, “Was this the end? Was He taking me home to be with him?”

After about an hour and a half of the most intense prayer that I had ever experienced I told him I was exhausted. I had prayed for everyone and everything He brought into my head but I still felt a heavy burden and I didn’t know what else He wanted me to do. I told God that I was tired and was going to bed to try to get some sleep. If He needed anything I was there.

I went into my room and got into my bed. As my head hit my pillow He finally answered. I did not hear an audible voice, but a simple thought flowed through my head, “You’re going to feel alone, but I will be with you”. I went to bed scared of what was to come but satisfied because I knew He was going to be with me.


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